It’s always Sunny wherever you are ~~

    • Feb 2022: Develop style and vision for Reapers, create assets

    • Early March 2022:

      Deploy OpenSea prerelease for proof of concept

    • Late March/April 2022: Deploy standard Sunnyside Reapers set on Stargaze. Gather feedback from community and develop additional sets.
    • April 2022: Release the Mythos Collection on Stargaze
    • April 2022:

      Bring on a developer to create a mobile NFT card game to build long-term value.

    • Nightlife
      May 2022: Release Sunnyside Nightlife collection on OmniFlix and prepare set for future releases on other platforms
    • /

      May 13: Release Nightlife collection on Stashh.io
    • Q2 2022:

      • Continue building ties with Stargaze community, increase following on Twitter and Discord
      • Create fun themed collections and release regularly (every 1 – 2 months)
      • Gather feedback on initial sets and make changes
      • Begin development work on mobile NFT card game: Sunnyside Cemetery

    • Q3-Q4 2022:

      • Release more information about Sunnyside Cemetery, including WIP screenshots, timeline, etc. to build hype and demonstrate progress
      • Give alpha/beta access to our early supporters
      • Continue releasing themed sets (Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
    • 2023 and Beyond:

      • Release Sunnyside Cemetery alongside a custom-built Reaper set, with airdrops to early supporters
      • Build relationships with charities for special Reaper sets and donate profits