It’s always Sunny wherever you are ~~

    Elliot Niehus (bonzi138#7985)

    Program Developer and Data Analyst. Our bold and visionary Project Lead. He can’t describe the vision but he tells us he has one.

    Justin Guettler (Tin#1818)

    Graphic Design Specialist. He’s actually quite capable, but for this art style we’ve chosen not to show off his full potential… yet.

    Nick Hassett (TheKingOfMemes#9786)

    Website Developer, Content Writer, and social media guy. He only earns one percent commission to keep him hungry (he’s not hungry enough).

    William Barras (wtbarras#2558)

    Code Monkey Extraordinaire. He’s developing our Sunnyside Cemetery app, though he’d rather be “developing” some “apps” at Chili’s.